Nick Dhillon is one of the most revered members of the Kuala Lumpur DJ scenes. Nick Dhillon today is a household name and also released a few singles with artists from Denmark, UK, India, Portugal and Malaysia which is out on iTunes. Nick Dhillon also DJ at The Rainforest World Music Festival 2019.

Nick has made it his sole duty to share his production with the growing international audience.





Nick Dhillon is a music producer, composer & DJ. He was born into a family of musicians which he were inspired by his dad who was a DJ and stage performer back in the days. His passion for music grew deeper as he handles events such as personal events, corporate events, weddings events, prom nights and many more at a very young age. As time flew the breakthrough came at an age of just 13 when he was called to showcase his talent at a club. As years went by, Nick researched and found his style of producing music. After all that had always been one of his biggest dreams of his childhood. At 16, nick became one of the youngest DJs’ to be a resident DJ in a club.

Success breeds success; mid 2016, Nick took his music career to a new level when he started producing his own music under the name Nick Dhillon.



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